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NeoJetAngel STO - Krenim Annorax Science Dreadnought - X2 - Solo Elite Build Primer

X2 Update: I have done a slight rebuild of my Annorax build for the new X2 meta. You'll also find that all the links for this one now point at the new STO Wiki.

Build Level: Elite

Solo ISE Difficulty Rating: Very Easy

Ship Solo ISE DPS Record: SCM - Infected [LR] (S) - [03:15] DMG(DPS) - @neojetangel: 199.75M(1,021.19K)

Starship Gear

Fore Weapons: Particle Emission Plasma Torpedo, Gravimetric Photon Torpedo, Maelstrom Quantum Torpedo Launcher, Disruptor Wide Angle Dual Heavy Beam Bank

Aft Weapons: Dark Matter Quantum Torpedo, Black Ops Mine, Dyson Proton Weapon

Main Set: Revolutionary Deflector Array, Deteriorating Secondary Deflector, Prevailing Impulse Engines, Tholian Nucleating Warp Core, Revolutionary Covariant Shield Array

Devices: Deuterium Surplus, Reactive Armor Catalysts, Temporal Negotiator, Kobayashi Maru Transponder, Flagship Distress Frequency Transponder

Universal Consoles: Plasma Storm Module, Exotic Particle Field Exciter [EPG]

Engineering Consoles: Decentralized Immunity, Micro Dark Matter Anomaly

Science Consoles: Agony Redistributor, Dragonsblood Flame Reactor, Portal of the Damned, Enhanced Tipler Cylinder, Cutting Tractor Beam

Tactical Consoles: Genesis Seed, Tachyon Net Drones, Delphic Tear Generator, Constriction Anchor

Hangar: Elite Alliance Fighter Squadrons


Personal Space Traits: Adaptive Offense, Fragment of AI Tech, Context is for Kings, Fresh From R&R, Particle Manipulator, Unconventional Systems, Resonating Payload Modification, Terran Targeting Systems, Intelligence Agent Attache, The Boimler Effect

Starship Traits: The Ruin of Our Enemies, Spore-Infused Anomalies, Assimilated Power Conduits, Improved Gravity Well, Rapid-Emitting Armaments, Universal Designs, Synthetic Good Fortune

Space Reputation Traits (Rank 2): Auxiliary Power Configuration - Offense, Tyler's Duality, Advanced Targeting Systems, Precision, Particle Generator Amplifier

Bridge Officer Stations

SRO Sci 1: Tractor Beam I, Scramble Sensors I, Photonic Shockwave I

SRO Sci 2: Intelligence Team I, Very Cold In Space II

T'Vol (SRO Tac): Viral Impulse Burst I, Electromagnetic Pulse Probe I, Ionic Turbulence II

SRO Engi: Emergency Power to Auxiliary I

SRO Sci 3: Structural Analysis I, Destabilizing Resonance Beam I, Delayed Overload Cascade III, Gravity Well III

Duty Officers

Projectile Weapons Officer: Buffs Critical Severity when firing Projectiles

Projectile Weapons Officer: Reduces the recharge of Torpedos

Projectile Weapons Officer: Reduces the recharge of Torpedos

Explosives Expert: Torpedoes Placate while not threatening

Sensor Officer: Debuff outgoing damage of all targets under the effect of Sensor Scan

Gravimetric Scientist: Chance to create aftershock Gravity Wells

Tray & Spambars

Tray 10 -> 9: Main Spambar

Tray 8: Secondary Spambar for consoles

Tray 1-4: Everything else manually activated

Captain Specialization

Temporal Operative(Primary) & Strategist(Secondary)

Ship Record Parse

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