What's happening Zanelli?

So from now on I'll be doing some short blogs about fun things I've been doing outside of development work. This will range from the music I've been listening to, the games I've been play, events I have been to, and other fun things that have been happening... because hey these things are probably more interesting anyway right?

Events and gigs and things. The Winter Droving was the main event this weekend here in Penrith, a local event ran by Eden Arts. Overall it offers a good mixture of activities, including live music, street performers and artists, as well as stalls selling interesting items and foods. I managed to catch the awesome Beachmaster who played a great set on the Melodrome stage around midday(ish) in the town centre. Then I headed over to another stage (of the three in total) to see Fiona Clayton, another very talented musician from Penrith. Later the streets filled to watch the parade, a procession of people carrying lit torches, marching drums, and masquerade. Slightly dampened by the rain, but still a sight to see. Finally in the evening there was an after party held at the local leisure centre, with acts such as Holy Moly and the Crackers, The Baghdaddies, and The Electric Swing Circus. A amazing night of music and dancing. While it rained almost constantly throughout the day, it was a fun event and one I can recommend to almost anyone visiting the area around this time of year; just remember to bring a coat.
Games and things. This week has been a mix for me on the gaming side. I have had fun playing a little bit of Fallout 4 with some friends, but I've been trying to avoid spoiling it too much until I pick it up for myself. I am looking forwards getting it, but I should work through some of my back catalogue before I do. So I replayed To The Moon. What a interesting little game that is. So simple and yet really creative and emotional. One of my favorite games from 2011 (A really good year as well), it is a almost perfect little story about traversing through a dying man's memories, in hope of fulfilling his final wish of going to the moon. The story takes you through his life, the good and the bad, in search of the things that made him choose his final wish and make the changes to make it happen; or a least happen in his memories. It's a great work of art by the indie team Freebird Games and has some great music to boot.

Posted by Zanelli on Tuesday 17th of November 2015 05:17:45 PM